Refresh The Energy

At the start of every new Chinese year

In the ever-changing dynamics of life, your property’s energy evolves too. That’s where our annual Feng Shui readings come into play, rejuvenating your space to ensure it remains in perfect harmony with the new energies of the year. Whether it’s your home, bustling office, or thriving business premises, we offer insights that keep the positive flow alive.

Understanding the Power of Annual Readings

Each property possesses a unique Feng Shui chart, intricately woven with distinct combinations of energies. Yet, every year, the energies in the cosmos shift. Our annual readings are your compass to navigate these changes with grace. At the start of the year, reach out to us for updated insights. We provide valuable information on what is auspicious to apply in the relevant sectors of your chart, what to avoid, and how to invite additional positive energy into your space. The annual analysis factors in the cyclically changing annual energies, directing you towards the most favourable directions. Moreover, we consider the significant influence of the stars, ensuring they harmonise seamlessly with your property’s energy.

Maintain  Harmony in Your Space

Our annual feng shui readings go beyond conventional property assessments. They work to enhance the vitality of your space. Keep yourself and your property in alignment with the ever-evolving energies of the year.

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