I am

elzbieta gorska

Beauty, harmony and abundance are my guiding values

elzbieta j gorska

At its core, Feng shui is not about furniture or how you place the lamp in the room – it’s all about using the energy in the space to its full potential.

My formal education is in economics and psychology. My professional journey began with management work within international corporations. My passion for self-development drove me early on to explore what truly blocks people from achieving happiness and abundance.

In 2011, I embarked on an enlightening journey into Feng Shui, learning from esteemed experts like Howard Choy, Joseph Yu, and Heluo Hill. Through dedicated study at the Feng Shui Research Center, I honed my expertise, becoming a valued member of the International Forum of Feng Shui Practitioners.

What I learned was eye-opening. I realised that Feng Shui can bring real, positive changes into people’s lives. Feng shui includes astronomical, astrological, architectural, cosmological, geographical and topographical dimensions. These dimensions have a significant influence on our surroundings and our wellbeing.

Inspired by my appreciation for interior design, I pursued further education to craft spaces that embody both aesthetics and harmony. Today, I merge psychology and Feng Shui principles to create office spaces and inviting homes where energy flows and relationships thrive. My mission is to help people, like you, uncover your true potential.

My own journey of personal development continues to drive me. We all share the same desire for love, health, happiness, and financial stability. Through interior psychology and Feng Shui-inspired design, I am committed to enhancing the quality of your life.


Demystify Feng Shui

We make it accessible, understandable and down-to-earth. No hocus pocus here! We are simply putting knowledge and experience to good use.


Focus on Abundance

Nature is always abundant. This is true for you and your dreams too. We imagine and create a reality together where what was previously blocking your abundance is no longer needed.

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Full Confidentiality

Privacy for every client. We approach you, your personal journey and your spaces with the utmost respect.

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