Where can we have a good time?

How to spend a nice time?

The long weekend is approaching!

Some of us are planning trips, consider places that are already known, sometimes quite new. If we already have a place where we regulary go, we know that we sleep well there, and we have what we want: a lake, contact with nature or pier, that means, we tailered  it to our needs to those energetic too. Each guesthouse, the hotel has its own character, character, other energy. On this occasion, I would like to refer to the guesthouse consultation in a charmjing area of Poland, in the Western Mazuria.


Analysis has shown that this place claims to be known, prestigious and respected. Generally looking at the characteristics of this object, it can mean great potential for growth and advancement (to a higher level, more stars, etc.).

Base on energy 4 at the entrance (sector SW-southwest), which is a very important place for business, it introduces an artistic spirit and attracts customers who likes this energy. Reinforcing, exposing and using this energy can be achieved by organizing vernissages and literacy meetings.

These actions will result in a growing interest in this object and hence improving its profitability.

Inside the guest house I suggested to put sculptures and paintings, works of art that underline the charm and finesse of the place. I like such nooks, perhaps by my artistic nature, and love for beauty, and you?

I wish you sun and warmth,  more than is predicted in weather forcast, have a rest! 😊