Restrictions or challenges while arranging space according to Feng Shui? Part 2

Houses / flats have their characteristics. Due to the existing forms, we change what is not beneficial for us. To what extent we change?,  it depends on the graphs in the certain spaces and what is outside and around our place. In the flat I consulted, the space indicates the general tendency to create stagnation, blocking, which can be reflected in the lives of the household members. Creating a free space in the center will be helpfull to overcome this blockage, placing something very dynamic, such as a circle on the ceiling, seee the picure below.

With this characteristic, where everything takes time, there are blockages, it is good to have a pet such as a cat, to “move the energy”.

At the entrance of the apartment there is a conflict of the element of the tree and metal, we solve it using the appropriate shapes in the sector. You need a element of water element, something in the shape of a wave, here it will be a waveform wiper in black on a blue background.

At the entrance on the left, there is a sector  responsible for the financial side, preferably do not place any furnitures here, make it as empty as possible. The architect perfectly arranged this surface, with minimalist furniture, set up a small, lightweight cabinet. According to my recommendations a water cascade will be placed here.

The challenges are in ready-made apartments, and it inspires to find effective solutions!