Restrictions or challenges while arranging space according to Feng Shui? Part 1

Beautiful unfurnished yet space, but with its limitations of fininished dwellings. Walls are already placed in a certain layout, installations already done, so some rooms are necessitated by certain functionalities.

Directions of home location are already determined, it all constitutes a certain narrowing of solutions in creating a harmonious space. Still, you can do a lot, in the example below, an apartment in an old tenement house from 1904.

On the south-west and west sides there are large beautiful rounded windows. The light coming from this side to the rooms is the greatest satisfaction of the owner, wishing to use as much natural light as possible. There is energy that affects health and relationships with others precisely in this illuminated space. Due to the current energy distribution, I have suggested to take take care of the noise reduction, minimizing light and traffic. This zone is located in one smaller room and partly in the living room.

In the smaller room I proposed to make a bedroom, just then the owner’s and her partner’s health would have great support. However, the owner accepted another solution, in a smaller room planned to make a dining room. In a large room, supposed to be a living room.

How is it from the Feng Shui standpoint?

The dining room will be seldom used, most likely twice a year for Christmas, when the children come, the owner herself is a busy woman who travels frequently, so the meetings are likely to take place outside, not at home.

Movement in the dining room will then be small, large table setting, occupying a large space, and  heavy velvet curtains will be a good solution.

And in this part of the living room resposible for health, I advised to put a large corner sofa, and to obscure occasionally catching light, and limit the air movement,by hanging curtains.

As follow up to these recommendations in this apartment  I will described more in the next entry in a week, and meanwhile, have a beautiful weekend, suppose to be sunny and warm!