House in Józefów


Analysys of this space shows something what is called a conflict between younger and older woman (usually it is about daughter- and mother-in-low) expressed on the element level. The wood controls here the earth element. Nobody wants to be controlled. It creates conflict. So the solution in this case is to create balance between the element of wood and earth.

Living Room

Sometimes it is enough to change the place of the coffee table and the armchairs, even a little, to create a space for good talks…

Main entrance

Finances, bank account balance, who doesn’t want to improve it? In this house part responding to prosperity is situated in the area of the main entrance. In this case the stimulation of prosperity goes through a straightening of the element of the earth by making an effort to create more space (trimming the bushes) and to create more traffic of cars, people and also more motion of dogs and birds.