Office and production space in Warsaw

Office and production spaces have a certain sector of space that will influence revenue generation. In the current twenty-year period beginning in February 2004, this energy is 8. This one eighth part, falling in various places depending on directions, is crucial in the business. This area was blocked in the described project by putting the partition wall separating the office, that created the certain intimacy for employees working there.

I advised to remove this wall, use the fire element: red triangle, and light candles from time to time, and introduced water in the form of a fountain – all to strength the energy 8. As a result, sales tend to increase.

The changes I have recommended in the context of supporting good employee relations include: covering the window, to calm and minimizing the traffic intensity in the given place (the result of the analysis). Red curtains (operating from a different level) also help to create a healthy relationship. Previous conflicts among workers ceased to exist.

On the question of reinforcing the authority of the boss redirecting the energy gave good results.

Recommendations was to place the brown flowerpot in the shape of cuboid as the element of the earth. If we don’t want to show traditional attributes the feng shui, it can just be represented by the flowerpot on the entry into the office, in order to change the energy just before coming in. As a result, employees show greater commitment to work, and they are starting noticing the professionalism of the boss, however it is slow process, because developments happen in people.