How can Feng Shui in the office change the situation in the company?

Under the international project PSYCHOLOGIA WNĘTRZ wrote an article exclusively for the Best Cyprus Properties.

A beautiful office attracts the attention of the customers. Office areas outside and inside, its proper use supports – according to Feng Shui increasing company’ s turnover. Working in such office is a sheer pleasure and all involved owners and employees feel very good in such office and come to work with pleasure every day – to the office in which energies of its space are in a harmony.

China is as we know today the 2 nd country in the word as regards GDP. For thousands of years feng shuihave been used in Chine. Maybe it’s worth to follow Chinese as regards feng shui in our daily business live.

Office Feng Shui

In the office one can use different elements to create friendly and beautiful area. While doing feng shui analysis what we are looking at is different elements, but also paying attention that all elements are in harmony. During the office arrangement according to FS we still want to ensure that what is used to improve office space is original and support the atmosphere in such a way that the customer will always come back and you as an owner will be perceived as trustworthy and reliable. The office is clearly like your business card. Having the office with the right energy and not only properly furnished is contributing to building your brand.

Important aspect in Feng Shui analysis

One of the most important elements in the feng shui analysis is the Energy on the main entrance to the office. The ideal one should reflect the type of the business you are in and should be in harmony with financial well-being of the time/period in which you currently are. The base of the success is having the entrance in the right place.

Another important element from company perspective is ensuring having stable and high-quality personnel and at the same time low rotation of staff. No doubt that what it requires is among others a friendly atmosphere in the office. To achieve this what one can do is to make the right changes in the office area which as per FS is responsible for relations among employees, so that area is in harmony. Clearly good atmosphere at work in the office is also creating good impression on your customers. Happy customer emanating good Energy which is being noted by new customers coming into office and other people visiting the office.

Colours in Feng Shui

What is s also important is the right coulours in the right places in the office. Whether you chose colder or warm colours – whether you need to cool it down in some area, so whether you need to warm up certain areas. All those aspects have to be taken into account. In the art of feng shui the colours are used to create a harmony, but in the same time they have to be in line with your own preferences.

Locations of your desk matters in Feng Shui

It is best when the desk of owner or boss of the company is located in a part of space which is supporting increasing incomes and good relations with customers and coworkers.

On the contrary it is not good when the desk of a head of the company is located in the area which is supporting the saving aspect, such a location of a desk is best to be used for the person who is responsible for the cash in the company like the Chef accountant/Finance director.

As a general rule the desk should not be placed on the line between the entrance to the room and the window.

Elements of Feng Shui used in the office

Golden colour attracts attention, and it is also a colour associated with wealth. Can be used for example on bone china, or in the frames of the pictures you have in the office. However, it is not only about the colour, the golden colour can be used but in appropriate shape of certain area, so for example in some areas you will put a square picture in a golden frame, but in some cases what you need to do is have round cups with the golden decoration in another area.

The plants in the office are definitely beautiful element ( I personally love plants !). Plants and flowers are nice however they also need to fine the proper place, so that they are in line with the energy of the place where you put them.

Summarising – the art of feng shui is about using different elements in arranging the space, clearly at the same time we want to ensure that you are staying individual and special.

We want to ensure that the right element is used in right place, and at the same time it is individually yours. They are tailor made for you to reflect yourself and your business.

Though the art of feng shui is thousands of years old and used in China in business it is very seldom that it is use in business in Poland. I am not saying it will make the work for you in business, but it clearly can support your efforts in achieving the results.

Should you be interested in getting more information how feng shui support your business do not hesitate to contact me.