Feng Shui and destiny

The apartment on Hołówki in Warsaw, which I had the pleasure to consult, was inhabited by the Baczyński family- Krzysztof Kamil-poet and his wife Barbara.

Thera are various information about the year of donation of the building, they write that it was founded in 1928 and was the first cooperative house in Warsaw belonging to the Cooperative Housing of Telecomunication Sector Employees, but it was also mentioned that it was built in the years 1930-1932.

For the analysis of Feng Shui we have to determine the time when the building was built. This time changes when the general repair works are being performed. Matching the right time is often a long way, preceded by comparing charts with the fate of a particular family living in a certain time. It is easy to trace the events in the life of the family just after the construction of the building, as was the case with the Baczyński family.

In July 1939 Krzysztof’s father died and in the autumn his mother and son moved to a smaller premises (now consulted by me), located directly opposite the previous address in the same tenement house in Warsaw,on Czerniaków district.

After the wedding, Barbara, Krzysztof’s wife, moved into the apartment. The energy at the entrance, responsible for the quarrel, the nervous atmosphere, the rivalry is very strong. After disputes with the daughter-in-law,  Stefania, who did not accept marriage of her son, decided to leave apartment and give it her son and daughter in law.

Energy 4 which i svery active proves that a person who deals with literary, writing and drawing was supported here. And it was this energy that gave Krzysztof support in his creative work and spiritual enrichment.

He dreamed of illustrator’s career, graphics, and in this direction he also showed great talent.

Barbara used this energy, and was supported by creative 4. Polish literature owes her beautiful erotica.

When analyzing the chart, energy 9 is very active which shows its nature, being “well visible”, well known, Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński is a great national treasure.

Entrance and commemorative plaque of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński.