Base of the good health it have a good sleep

As you know, when we sleep well we are more efficient, full of energy, and in the long term good sleep has a health effect. Therefore, it is good to see if the energies are in conflict.

The purpose of Feng Shui Analysis of  house in Mysiadlo near Warsaw, I was consulted, was to introduce harmony in the bedroom. The husband of the lady did not fall asleep, which worried her mindlessly, as he was the only person earning at that time.

Analysis revealed that the bed was divided into two sectors. In both sectors, the energy that was missing to be reconciled was earth element.

However, in the place this element appeared in the form of a square bed, a brown cap, rectangular headboard, square cabinets, in brown wood color. On one side of the bed where the lady slept and slept very well, sector occupied more space. As a result, her husband occupied this part of bed that was not good for him because of Ming Gua- calculated from the year of birth, needed to study the compatibility of man with place and direction.

Reconcilement of energies from the level of space was not enough, it was still necessary to add the earth element from the man-space level. Min Gua’s husband controlled a star with a metal element as a fire element. Putting two clay vases turned out to be effective here.