Elżbieta Górska’s Interior Design Psychology
is a company that successfully brings together business
expertise with psychology. We are located in Poland,
in Mazowieckie province, but we operate across the
whole country and beyond. The company’s mission
is to make full use of the potential of spaces and infuse
them with harmony and balance. From houses and
apartments to offices, hotels, or restaurants, we take care
of places that witness people’s daily lives. With Interior
Design Psychology, you don’t have to puzzle over how
to best arrange the space around you: we will take care
of this for you!

With dwelling spaces, it is crucial to consider the feelings of comfort and safety, and they are achievable through Feng Shui-inspired interior design. Creating a comfortable, cosy zone will certainly have a positive impact on the quality of your life. You will easily recharge and experience a deep, calm sleep. You will feel that your relationships with others around you are becoming stronger, conversations more constructive, and your finances more satisfying.

There are also places where a good atmosphere is key for attracting new customers and influences the quality of relations between people present. Examples include offices, restaurants, and hotels. Interior Design Psychology will help you create a “business humidor” in your office space. We will arrange the room so that it becomes a better match with its functions and purposes, work is more effective, and the whole space simply manifest good energy. It will also have positive effects over your finances. In some special cases we also recommend moving to a different premises.
Trust Interior Design Psychology, and your revamped spaces will gain a perfect atmosphere and a stylish feel.

→ Analysis of Needs

We begin with learning about the customer’s real needs. To perform an analysis, we also need to collect relevant data such as the building’s floor plan or the year of its construction.

→ Psychological Analysis of Interiors

Each home is one of its kind and stands out with its energy. In this stage, a psychological analysis of interiors is performed, and as a result a chart is made presenting the building’s potential and possibilities.

→ Recommendations for improvements in the studied interiors

In this stage propositions are put forward for changes in the examined rooms, e.g. in terms of furniture colour schemes and their arrangement. With interior design based on Feng Shui and interior psychology, your place will regain its balance and harmony.

→ Discussing the report

The report is made with a particular building in mind. It includes the building’s floor plan, description of the surroundings, and other important details. Energy prevailing in each section of the premises is analysed to offer adequate recommendations that enable the architect to design your dream, fully harmonious interior.

→ Examples of recommendations

Following the principles of Feng Shui and interior design, we will show you exactly what a given room in your workplace, house, or hotel should look like: from furniture arrangements, which has tremendous influence over energy flows, to changes in the colour scheme, which affects human bodies, and to selection of appropriate accessories.

→ Purchase Advice

This service is about accurately defining the purchases you need to make. Sometimes even seemingly insignificant elements can make great difference, so the Purchase Advice service includes identification of all the necessary accessories and purchases that we will do together. The service is charged based on hourly rates. Service available only in Poland.

→ Annual Analysis

Annual Analysis takes into consideration yearly energy patterns, which shift in cycles and in eight directions. The analysis also studies the important impact of stars, which should be in harmony with the building, apartment, or premises.

→ Interior design by standard of finish:

  • Silver - in this standard we use easily available, affordable materials.
  • Gold - we use high quality materials of popular, proven brands.
  • Platinum - premium quality materials and a selection of unique, custom-made products.

The standard of finish is chosen based on individual preferences.


Elżbieta J.Górska

My business is located in the Mazowieckie province, in Poland. I currently combine my genuine passion - psychology - with economic knowledge and experience. Before I committed to interior design and psychology inspired with feng shui, I spent part of my life working in HR. It gave me various opportunities to participate in group work, one-on-one personal development sessions, and make use of the tools of psychometry.

Personal development has been a part of my life, now I use the experience and techniques gathered over the years, but I also use my personal potential.

Despite the complexity of the human nature, we do share some features: everyone wishes to be healthy, happy, and attain financial stability. With Interior Psychology, I make sure you meet these desires, because through proper décor and design according to feng shui, and psychological support on a way to greater harmony, I contribute into a high quality of your lives.

Our seat is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, but we operate
in whole Poland and abroad.

Psychologia wnętrz Elżbieta J. Górska
Jana Skrzetuskiego 25
05-080 Lipków